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 ===== Access: How do I log on to the player? ===== ===== Access: How do I log on to the player? =====
-Coming soon...+There are two ways to log in to #@PPP@#: 
 +  - WiFi Hotspot 
 +  - Router Network 
 +==== WiFi Hotspot ===== 
 +To connect to the built-in WiFi hotspot, locate the SSID on your deviceThe SSID will look like ''​ProPlayerPLUS-xxx''​ where ''​xxx''​ is the host name of the machine. 
 +Once connected you can go to ''​%%http://​''​ in your devices browser. 
 +==== Router Network ==== 
 +If the device is plugged into your network or a separate router, and your computer is also on that same network, you can connect to by going to ''​%%http://​​%%''​ where ''​''​ is the IP address of that machine. If you do not know the IP address, you will have to log in to your router and search for it.
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