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Features and Benefits


Pro-Player Plus 4K is a software product that can be installed on any X86 computer hardware.


Our preferred hardware is Intel NUC i3 with 16gb RAM (minimum) and 256gb M.2 SSD (128gb M.2 SSD is minimum). Pro-Player Plus 4K is 100% solid state and comes with a 3 year warranty backed directly by Intel.

Networked Playback and Frame Accurate Synchronization

Multiple players can be connected together on a network (LAN) and be controlled from a single device. All networked players can playback frame accurately in perfect sync.

Example: A multi-monitor array of 4 wide by 1 high can display a 7680×1080 .mp4 video file.

Embedded Web User Interface

Every player has a built-in GUI that can be accessed by simply logging into the player directly. No custom apps to download and install, will work on any operating system (Windows, Apple, Android).

USB Auto-Load and Playback

Simply place your content on a USB drive and insert into the player. No menus or interaction required. The player will automatically load and begin playing your content.

Example: Makes things simple and pain free for non-technical users.

Event Scheduler

Set events to happen based on the day, week, hour, minute for automatic playback

Example: You'd like to change video files at certain times of day or on different days automatically.

DMX Lighting Output Playback with Videos

Add external lighting effects to any video by simply selecting the DMX file from the internal list. The lighting files will change with your video files. You can even record custom DMX files directly into the player, making otherwise complex cues easy to playback; no lighting console needed for playback.

4K Dual Output

Every player can output 4K video out of both video ports, no need for a splitter to drive two monitors.

Example: Ideal for a setup with two back to back monitors playing the same content.

Multiple Dual 4K Output Modes - Mirror 3840x2160 / Landscape 7680x2160 / Stacked 3840x4320

You now have options to control both 4K outputs to create super high-resolution displays

Example: Custom large-scale video configurations

Control of ATEN Video Switchers Remotely (bind to video file playback)

8×8 matrix seamless video switching is now as easy as selecting a video, and the switcher presets can be attached to a video file for simple auto video switching.

Example: Client wants to switch to a live camera for demos then back to a looping video.

Control of Yamaha XT-Rack Presets Remotely (bind to video file playback)

Recall any of the 200+ presets on the Yamaha X-Rack audio mixer directly from the player. You can even bind them to video files for fully automatic switching.

Example: Client wants to switch to a live microphone then back to a looping video.

Control of Gefen Video Switchers (bind to video file playback)

Simple low-cost video switching is now as easy as selecting a video, and the switcher presets can be attached to a video file for simple auto video switching.

Example: Client wants to switch to a PowerPoint presentation then back to a looping video.

Control of Novastar Video Wall Controllers (input selection & brightness, bind to video file playback)

Directly from the player you can select which input you’d like to see on the video wall, no video switcher required. You can also set the brightness level quickly from a single device.

Example: Client wants to turn down the brightness after hours then back to show level.

Custom Playlists

Create custom playlists from the media manager interface, a quick and simple operation.

Example: Client wants to play multiple videos in a row and make each day different.

Custom Slideshows

Create slideshows by placing all your .jpg files in a folder on a USB drive, then insert into player in both 1080 and 4K resolutions.

Example: Client shoots photos during show and wants to play them back on-screen.

Multiplayer GUI Interface

This interface allows users to control multiple players from a single interface. 12 presets can be built and executed from a single touch, or scheduled or even called remotely.

Example: You have 12 players on a show, and you want to control all of them with one click.

VPN Control and Support

Every player comes with VPN built in. They all call home and get connected to our main service center. You’re never far from our support staff. (If internet isn't available, see Wi-Fi Hotspot Auto Connect below.)

Example: Technical issues arise on a show and client needs a technical person to look in on things.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Auto Connect

Great for a quick VPN tech session when no internet is available. Every player auto searches for a specific Wi-Fi SSID; if it finds it, it will automatically call home for remote support.

Example: Great for a quick VPN tech session when no internet is available.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Direct Connect

No need for a wireless router. You can simply look for the player's Wi-Fi SSID and connect directly to any Wi-Fi enabled device that has a browser.

Example: Easy way to connect to a player to control your content without a router present.

Video File Trimming (Start/End Point)

Example: Client gives you a video file with a title upfront to play but doesn't want to see the title on screen; no problem, just set the trim to start after the title. Trimming is non-destructive so you can trim as much as necessary without affecting the file itself.

Video Rotation (0,90,180,270)

Example: Someone installed the monitor upside down and your show is about to start. No problem, just select the proper orientation to correct the issue, and you’re good to go. No need to remove and re-hang the monitor.

Enable/Disable Video Acceleration

This allows you to turn off the video acceleration if need be.

Example: Some videos play better and more smoothly with this feature turned either on or off.

HTML Playback (websites and touchscreen programs)

Play any HTML content just like a .mp4 video file. If you’re using a touchscreen, then the HTML can be a fully functioning touchscreen app. You can switch between videos and touchscreen at any time.

Example: No need for another laptop onsite to run your touchscreen programs.

YouTube Direct Full-Screen Playback

You can store your content on YouTube and simply point the player to the URL. It will play full screen just like any other video or HTML file. You will need an internet connection of course.

Example: Your home office can post new videos to YouTube and you can play them from anywhere as long as you're connected to the internet.

Send/Receive Web-Calls to Third Party Equipment

Now you can send web-calls, directly from the player, to third party equipment that utilize web interfaces for control.

Example: Control a pan and tilt video camera to display different views quickly and easily.

Send/Receive Restful Commands from Third Party Equipment

Send commands via RESTful API from custom applications to control Pro-Player Plus from any of your devices.

Example: Client's demoing a product and wants to control what video plays when various features are highlighted.

Receive MODBUS Protocol for Triggering Playback

Every player can decode MODBUS protocol and be triggered to play files accordingly.

Example: Some electronic equipment manufacturers use this to control their equipment. Now they can control the videos and other effects directly from MODBUS.

MP4 File Re-Encode and Auto Repair

Often client encoded files have errors in them due to encoding issues. This feature will re-encode the file correctly and also make it perfect for synchronized playback.

Example: There's been a last-minute change in the on-site video and it has errors, this provides a quick fix.

Power Failure Auto Restore

Example: Power goes out just before or during the show. No problem, when the power comes back on, our systems all restore back to where they were before the power was cut, automatically.

Trigger .MP4 Playback from PowerPoint

Use PowerPoint to send action commands to PP+ for file playback. Now end-users can create their own custom user interfaces using just PowerPoint.

Example: Client wants to present from PowerPoint but still have instant access to video library. At the bottom of every frame, they have icons for the video files, just touch to play a file.

Playback of Non-Standard Video Resolutions

LED video walls are often non-standard display resolution. Every player can output any resolution required for a perfect pixel for pixel display.

Multiple System Configurations (master/master, master/slave)

Different applications require different configurations. Very simple situations are great for master/slave configurations whereas complex projects require master/master setups.

Example: Client can run a large number of players from just the Master in a master/slave config, advanced users may prefer master/master config.

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Trigging

Simple USB plug and play device on which you set the distance and file you’d like it to play. No more custom programing to have a person walk up to a monitor and have it start playing a video.

Example: Looping video stops playing and a new video plays once if a person walks up to the monitor and you’ve set the distance to the desired location.

Barcode Scanning

Built into every player is the ability to use a simple barcode scanner to trigger video playback. Great tool for building “knowledge pedestal” types of displays and much simpler than RFID technology.

Example: Create a turntable with multiple facets; as it turns to each facet the corresponding video plays.

Dual Login (admin or user)

Two logins, one for the advanced user and one for the client or end-user. The end-user is presented with just what they need to see and control.

Built-In Test Files (non-deletable)

Every player comes to the job with built-in test files.

Example: Useful for color calibration and synchronized playback testing.


You can create custom interfaces that allow end-users to play a file and pause it, then resume playback using our restful API. This is a particularly useful feature for museums and interactive demos situations.

Example: If a presenter wants to speak along with a video as it plays, but doesn’t want the video to get ahead.

One Button to Delete All Media

One single convenient button for deleting all media at once.

Example: Great feature for rental houses to quickly delete all media from player once show/job is over. (Of course, files can also be deleted individually when need be.)

Customizable HTML User GUI

You can easily create custom HTML GUI(s) for any occasion.

Example: You can quickly create custom UI that include a logo or other graphic.

Custom Binding

Binding is the process of connecting different actions, such as changing the video switcher preset to specific video files. That way when a file is selected to play, other actions can be executed automatically. End users can control multiple pieces of equipment by just selecting a single video file to play. Our binding tab is a simple drop-down process that anyone can master in seconds.

Example: Client wants to give a cooking demo on the hour. This may mean a looping video stops, a live camera and microphone get switched on and a spotlight gets illuminated. All this can be controlled by selecting “Live Demo” from cell phone.

Client Friendly

Almost every feature is driven by drop-down menus, so no typing or custom programming is required to fully utilize all the capabilities of the player.

Example: Client wants booth lighting to change when a certain video file is selected to display; this can be done thru drop-down menus.

USB Auto Detect

No loading device drivers required, just plug any certified USB device into the player and it will immediately be recognized and start working.

Auxiliary Hardware Available

We offer many custom auxiliary components, for example: 7” touchscreen, frame accurate relay triggering, DMX recorder, Jog shuttle wheel controller and 12 point organic touchscreen


Trade Shows

Digital Signage

Way-finding Signage



Corporate Demo Facilities

Retail Environments

Retail “Lift & Learn” Displays

Multi-Monitor Arrays

Video Wall Arrays

LED Video Wall Media Player

Live Events

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