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Display: I'm not seeing anything on the monitor?

If you've connected everything correctly but you're still not seeing anything on the monitor, make sure the monitor input is set to the port that is connected to the Pro-Player Plus device and that both are powered on.

If you have switched the inputs on the monitor you may have to restart the Pro-Player Plus system. To do so, press the power button on Pro-Player Plus and you should see the monitor display either a PPP logo, or the logo and some brief white text.

Once the player has shut down, the power LED is no longer illuminated, press the button again. This time Pro-Player Plus should power on and you should see your content play.

All computers need to make a connection to the monitor during their boot process so they can connect properly. If they don't, then nothing will be displayed, and that could potentially be the reason you do not see any content playing. If connected properly, you will see a Pro-Player Plus logo appear after a few seconds of powering up the device.

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