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Setup: How do I setup multiple players in an array?

This setup is more complicated than a single player. It will require additional networking equipment to link all of the players together so they can communicate with each other. You will need a gigabyte router or network switch and one Ethernet cable per device. Connect each player to the router or switch using the Ethernet cables only after they have been configured properly.

NOTE: there are two ways to configure Pro-Player Plus to run multiple units in sync; Master/Chase and Master/Slave.

In Master/Slave mode, only one player will be the Master while the other players will be Slaves to that Master. See the section Mode: How do I change a player from master mode to slave mode? on switching Masters to Slaves.

In Master/Chase mode, each player needs to have a unique IP address, such as,, and so on. You must do this before connecting each player to the router or switch.

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