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 ===== Setup: How do I setup multiple players in an array? ===== ===== Setup: How do I setup multiple players in an array? =====
-Coming soon...+This setup is more complicated than a single playerIt will require additional networking equipment to link all of the players together so they can communicate with each otherYou will need a gigabyte router or network switch and one Ethernet cable per deviceConnect each player to the router or switch using the Ethernet cables only after they have been configured properly. 
 +**NOTE:** there are two ways to configure #@PPP@# to run multiple units in sync; //​Master/​Chase//​ and //​Master/​Slave//​. 
 +In //​Master/​Slave//​ mode, only one player will be the //Master// while the other players will be //Slaves// to that //Master//. See the section [[:​faq:​mode_master_slave|Mode:​ How do I change a player from master mode to slave mode?]] on switching //Masters// to //​Slaves//​. 
 +In //​Master/​Chase//​ mode, each player needs to have a unique IP address, such as ''​'',​ ''​'',​ and so on. You must do this before connecting each player to the router or switch. 
 +{{ :​faq:​playerarraytopo.jpg?​direct&​600 |}}
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