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Media: How do I change the looping scene?

There are multiple ways to change the file that is looping, commonly referred to as the group scene.

USB Thumb Drive

You can copy a new video to a USB thumb drive and insert it into the player. Even if that file exists on the player, it will immediately begin playing.

Through a browser

This way requires the player to be connected to a network via an Ethernet cable. You will need to locate the IP address that is assigned to the machine through the router. Once you have that IP address you can go to, where is the assigned IP address of the player, in your browser.

mobilepppweb.jpg usermediamgr.jpg

Nano Router

Some kits contain a small, nano, router that can be used. If one is being used, you look for the SSID and log in to it with your computer or mobile device. Each nano router has the login information on its label.

Pro-Player Plus WiFi Hotspot

Refer to the Access: How do I log on to the player? section on how to use this properly.

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