Pro-Player Plus


A system that is a proven game changer for displaying media at your trade show exhibits.

Resolve Your Media Player Headaches and Cut Costs

No budget for an A/V technician?


Pro-PlayerPlus is simple enough for anyone on your team to operate
... without breaking a sweat.

Tired of paying exorbitant rates for 24 hour round-the-clock power?


When power is turned back on, Pro-PlayerPlus restores your media to your monitors wherever it left off
... without you lifting a finger.

No room in your booth to hide a giant space hogging media playback system?


Pro-PlayerPlus requires ZERO booth footprint. These tiny powerhouse players mount right to the rear of your monitors
... now wasn't that easy?


A new breed of mediaplayer, built on the strengths of Intel's NUC computer platform

It's Simple to Use, Yet Rich with Features:

USB Auto-Load

The easiest way to load media that we’ve ever seen. Absolutely anyone who can insert a USB thumb drive can load and play their media, no A\V technician needed.

4K or UHD

Display your videos with the latest high resolution. You can even go ahead and link as many of these units together as you’d like and design crazy-sharp beautiful video walls.

Multi-Link Sync

Allows you to connect as many Pro-PlayerPlus units and monitors together as your project requires, and can play them in sync. No more out-of-sync logo loops or graphics changing at slightly different times.

Live Views

Allows you to put up a live camera feed on any or all monitors, such as a live tabletop demonstration as well as letting you display any website on any monitor. No need for a laptop rental.

Built-In Web Frontend

This is your access to the power of the Pro-PlayerPlus system via any smart device that has a WiFi connection. Thru it you can control everything: load media, build scenes/playlists, add lighting effects and play your media ... right from your smart phone.

Create Playlists

A great way to display multiple videos continuously to your audience. Simple to create using our web browser from any WiFi-enabled smart device. An easy way to customize your demo or sale pitch.

DMX Lighting Control

Now you can easily add DMX output to any project by just attaching the DMX USB dongle to Pro-PlayerPlus. Every system comes with a library of DMX files which allow you to quickly add colored lighting to your displays ... did we mention in sync with your videos too?

And More!

Presentations: Create dynamic presentations complete with multiple video displays, lighting cues and surround sound.

VPN-Play: Perfect for remote meetings where one person can trigger multiple units around the world from a single location.

External Triggers: A great way to design interactive displays by allowing you to use any type of switch to trigger media playback, lighting cues, and more.

Power Recovery: No need worrying about what happens after a power outtage, because Pro-PlayerPlus will restore to exactly where it was prior to the power failure.

Design & Production Services

With over 20 years of experience producing shows of all shapes and sizes, not only can we provide the product for your project, but we can also help you from design through to the execution of your project. Our services include video and graphics production, as well as complete A/V equipment rental.


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